Registration is Live!

We have been working hard on getting our space ready and while we still have a few things to do, we are ready to start signing you up! Our first class which I have been calling the “guinea pig” class will be a Sunday Brunch Refashion Sewing Workshop that will be held on August 28th! This will be either a 3 or 4 person class, you can sign up by clicking here or by going to the “Girls Night Out Refashion Sewing Workshops” tab above and clicking on the link there. Brunch classes will go from 11-3, we can’t wait! Don’t forget, anyone who hosts a class will enjoy a $30 boutique credit!20160819_11043320160819_11051920160819_11054220160819_110711

It’s a Fashion Revolution!


This is the last week that Love Street Salvage will be open as a retail space. I know, some of you will be sad but don’t you fret! We are just making some big changes but we aren’t going anywhere! We will be using the space for girl’s night out style sewing classes! I will be teaching a refashion class and I will (hopefully) be bringing in other crafty girls who sew to teach classes as well. All classes and workshops will be based on the idea of “sustainable fashion”. I will still have a small boutique section where vintage clothing can be purchased during these events. We will also hold clothing swaps, private parties and pop up shops, the possibilities are endless but everything will be related to this idea of sustainable fashion!

The classes/workshops will accommodate up to 4 people. You can either schedule the class for you and 2 or 3 of your best gals, or you can get on a list of individuals that are interested and I will put together a class. This is a good option for those who are maybe new to the area and looking to meet new friends 🙂 The classes I personally will be teaching will be refashion classes, all you need to bring is an item to refashion and I will provide all other supplies and materials! I will also be providing light refreshments and while I am not permitted to provide alcoholic beverages, I definitely do not mind if you bring your own! In fact I’d encourage it, this should be a party!

I’m still in the process of getting everything set up but if you are interested in further updates, please join our email list to the right of this page. Or you can contact me directly at

My passion for sustainable fashion and disgust for “fast fashion” are the fire that is driving me now, and this strong need I feel to educate people on these serious matters. For anyone interested in knowing more, there is an interesting documentary called “The True Cost”. It was on Netflix at one point, not sure if it still is but it’s a good introduction to these unethical practices. Go watch! You’ll never shop at H&M again. Haha!

Right now I am trying to liquidate most of the inventory I have in the shop. If you are local, everything in the shop is 50% off! I am also taking appointments for private wholesale shopping for next week. I will still be doing markets as well, here is a list of what I have scheduled so far:

7/23 Sugarhood Market
8/6 Blue Moon Festival
8/14 Reggae Festival (?)
9/11 Urban Flea Market
9/17 9th & 9th Street Festival (?)
10/9 Urban Flea Market


We Have Moved!


Love Street Salvage has moved! We are now located at 819 E 2100 S. Not far from our old spot but much easier to find and also to park. We have a bigger and better space for you to shop in, including 2 dressing rooms and even a men’s rack!


There is also a coffee shop/music venue being built downstairs called Virile Vizsla, it should be completed sometime next month. We are always getting new items in almost daily so if you haven’t already, please stop by and say hi, we would love to see you!






Wee Willy Winky Dress: REHASHED

When I found this dress in a thrift store, it made me a little sleepy. I loved the lace, the embroidery detail and the lovely gauzy cotton fabric. It looked like a nightgown but I knew it could be saved! I decided to chop it in half and turn it into a crop top with a matching skirt with elastic waist. The first thing I did was to take off the sleeves and take it in a little at the sides. Then I finished off the sleeves with some bias tape. The next thing I did was to figure out how short I wanted the top to be, then cut and hem. The last thing I did with the top was to remove the lace trim around the neckline.

The skirt half of this project was very simple. I just cut it to the desired length leaving the embroidery at the bottom, then made a casing and inserted an elastic waistband. And there you go!


Now I have a cute top and matching skirt that can be worn together or separately, the possibilities are endless!

I should be finding out next week whether or not I have been accepted as a vendor at Craft Lake City this year. Cross your fingers, I’ll let you know next week! I also have been asked to participate in a Fashion Show for the Ogden Arts Festival on June 13th with Chuk’s Vintage. I will be providing all of the swimsuits for this fashion show, stay tuned for pictures and if you are local, come check it out!

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Blue Gingham Dress: REHASHED

There were alot of things I liked about this dress when I found it… the blue gingham print, the cute little collar and pocket…it even has side pockets which I love on a dress! But sadly it was completely unwearable! A few small changes and I was able to turn it into something great! The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves. Then I took quite a bit of length off the bottom, a little too much I think but that’s ok… it’s a great little Summer dress! Then I used the scrap from the bottom to make a waist tie which helps to give it some shape and allows it to fit a wide range of sizes. And that’s all!


If you are in the Salt Lake area and have a vintage piece that you would like to see refashioned, please bring it into the shop and let’s see what can be done! Maybe you have a sentimental piece that you would love to wear, but it just isn’t wearable… chances are I can save it and turn it into something you will love! Bring it in and I’ll give you a quote.

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Frumpy Blue Nightmare Dress: REHASHED

Hi everyone! So the shop has been running pretty smoothly, it’s still pretty quiet around here though! I’ve had lots of time on my hands for sewing projects, and lucky for me have come in feeling very inspired these last couple of mornings.

Yesterday this dress was calling out to me “Make me pretty! I have a gorgeous print and so much potential!” So I got to it. The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves. Then I took off the top part of the collar. The dress was all around huge so I also took it in on the sides. Then I switched out the existing buttons with some black vintage buttons that I had in my stash, to make the colors pop. And there you have it! This dress is so cute, I really want to keep it but I will resist! This is now available in the shop, come try it on and say hi!


Let me know what you think!

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Grand Opening Event Tonight!

Hello everyone, tonight is the big night! Our Grand Opening event will take place from 6-9 pm and is open house style. We will have light refreshments and all store merchandise will be 15% off! We will also have 2 drawings for $50 gift certificates. Be sure to check the “The Shop” tab to see all of the pictures I have posted of the shop. If you are local please come by and say hi!



I am still pinching myself. I knew this was going to be a good year for me, that big and exciting things would be happening. But I had no idea it would be happening so fast!!! I decided recently that I was going to start looking for a retail space. I am beyond burned out on working from home. I miss people. I want to be able to see the joy in someone’s face when they purchase that perfect piece, not just hear about it over the internet. I want to be able to turn things over as fast as I can buy them. There are so many reasons!!! It has always been my dream to be a vintage shop owner. I’ve been an entrepreneur at heart since I was a young adult but it always seemed out of my reach. But things fall into place just as they should, and now THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!! I had some ideas of where I might set up shop. There were a couple of people I knew that might be open to the idea of renting me a small space. But when I tried to work up the courage to ask, I just couldn’t do it. There was a reason for that. When I got online the other night and decided to just start searching for commercial space there it was. It fell into my lap like it was supposed to be. So I sent an email and heard back almost right away, the next day I went to check out the space. It. Was. So. Perfect!!!!!! It is right in the heart of downtown Sugarhouse. Right where I want to be! This area is booming and right near Westminister College. I have a small 428 sq ft space, which is absolutely perfect for me. I have windows and a back room for my office/sewing. It is inside of another existing business owned by a very sweet lady named Bekke. I got really good vibes from her when we met, and I just knew it was meant to be. Immediately I got started trying to apply for a line of credit to get this started. Fail. Since quitting my office job back in July, I have been using a credit card for all of my business expenses, and that card is almost maxed out now, which is greatly affecting my credit score. So, I decided I had to take a leap of faith and use my savings. I know that I will be successful here. There is no doubt in my mind. Sugarhouse needs a vintage shop, and now they will have one! I am already going crazy working out the details in my head. I am scheduled to open March 1st with a tentative Grand Opening celebration on March 6th. Yay!!!!!

store picture2

I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love to do. None of this would have ever been possible without the overwhelming support and love that I receive from my husband Thom every day. His faith in me has been what has kept me going and given me the self confidence to get where I am today. I know I don’t get personal on here too often, but I want to include this picture of Thom and I. I am so in love with this man. I searched and searched for him, I was single for 9 years after my divorce. I was fine with being alone for the rest of my life. I didn’t want it to be that way, but I would rather be alone than to be with someone who I am not crazy about. We have so much fun together, he makes me feel special everyday, like I am his top priority. I wish every woman could have a partner like mine!!!


So now it’s getting the business license and getting everything ready to open. I am so ready for this!!!!! If you are local, you should definitely stop by and say hi when we open. I’ll be at 2166 S Highland Dr, in the lower level of One World Gifts. I’ll keep you updated!

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Fugly Floral Dress: REHASHED

When I found this dress in a thrift store awhile back, I immediately loved that floral print! It looked like a lovely vintage wallpaper and I was determined to save it! I loved the ruffles too, in fact I debated whether or not I should rehash this one at all, or just leave it alone. It wasn’t until I actually tried it on that the decision became easy, it looked horrible!! That is my hurl face you see here…

InstaSize_2015_0 _ 219497

First thing I did was to pick out the trim that was around the collar and empire waist. I had actually almost finished picking it from around the waist when I realized I hadn’t taken the before pic! Then I removed the sleeves and high neckline and finished off with bias tape. Then I thought the ruffle at the collar was still a little too much, so I took some of it off and hemmed. Then I took a large section off of the bottom of the dress and used it to make a waist tie. Then I added 3 cute little vintage buttons from my stash. In my mind I was done, I was going to keep this a maxi. However when I tried it on, I wasn’t happy with it…

20150122_100729You think you’re done? I don’t think so…

20150122_113736Here is a close up.

So I got back to work and took off some of the length. This is what it looked like when I was finished!


I love how it turned out! Sometimes you have a vision for a piece but as you get into it, that vision changes into something else. This one will be for sale, I didn’t take it in on the sides at all so it will fit a wide variety of sizes. There is plenty more room in this dress, especially in the bust!

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“Wholesome” Schoolgirl Dress: REHASHED

When I found this little vintage Laura Ashley diamond in the rough, there was no way I was leaving that dress at the thrift store! It was absolutely adorable in every way… except for the length. I hated the length, it just seemed so… wholesome. Like it would just simply be so much cuter if it were shorter. So that was the exact fate of this dress!


I’m happy with it, it looks so much cuter this length. I actually did this rehash right before Christmas and I can’t believe it’s still sitting in the Etsy Shop! So cute.

So I guess I can let you all in on what I have been up to… Let’s just say Winter is my slow time of year. I’m not out doing markets and shows as much as I was during the Spring-Fall months. I miss people. It’s feeling hard for me to stay self motivated at home… all alone… all day. I am currently starting to look for other opportunities for my business. I would like to have an actual storefront, even if it were just a space to rent within another shop. I want to get dressed up and go to work and have other humans to interact with throughout the day. I never thought I would say it but I miss having somewhere to report to. Why should I put makeup on? Why shouldn’t I wear my yoga pants with my gray hoodie and slippers all day? I don’t need to at home but I like doing those things and I miss them. So waaaah waaaah, there you go. I really hope that doesn’t sound very depressed. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do, and I never take that for granted. I have an amazing husband who is supportive of me beyond what I had ever hoped for in a man. Getting all the kinks worked out and figuring out where I fit in are just issues that don’t work themselves out overnight. I realize that. I’ve never been the most patient but I feel that good things are to come! I’m going to find the perfect place to bring in my lovely collection so that lovely ladies can come in and find their perfect piece. And I’ll actually get to see the joy instead of just hearing about it 🙂

I do have a market coming up though, it’s the 3 Dotters Vintage Market in Pleasant Grove, February 7 from 8 am – 4 pm! Come see me, I’m going to be doing a big sale on coats! This is a big market with lots of awesome vintage vendors, held in the Old Rec Center at 65 E 200 S, well worth the drive!


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