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Frumpy Maxi Dress: REHASHED

Hi everyone! I have actually worn this 1970’s maxi dress as it was a few times but have since lost more weight and it just looks so frumpy on me now! I love the color and the print though, so cute! Despite not fitting right, it also had a small hole right in the middle at the bust and I wasn’t ever crazy about the square neckline so… it had to be rehashed!


Sorry about the quality of this photo, I don’t know what is going on with this crappy camera and it might be time to upgrade. Hi Fred! This refashion was pretty simple. First I cut off the bodice where it was attached to the skirt and removed the zipper. The skirt was pretty gathered all around, so I was left with what would have been a huge skirt if I didn’t take in about 5 inches off of each side. Next I stitched the whole thing together from the top to the bottom of the skirt. Then I added a casing and inserted some elastic at the waist and closed it up. And there you go!




Now I have this super cute maxi skirt that I adore! This one will be hard to let go but I think I will sell it at the flea market next month. Turning a maxi dress into a maxi skirt is probably one of the easiest refashions to do. The whole thing only took about an hour and a half and it was such a huge improvement! Green is my favorite color also, I have already worn it a couple of times and will probably wear it again before I sell it. Those of you that buy and sell vintage clothing, do you wear your goods before selling them? I call it the best of both worlds!

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Paisley Dress: REHASHED

When I found this 1980’s dress in a thrift store last month, I immediately fell in love with that sweet paisley print and all the pretty colors!



However, there was no way I was wearing this dress anywhere the way it was. I didn’t like the long sleeves or the collar and the length was very awkward, but I knew it had lots of potential. It fit pretty well around the waist already, and it came with a matching belt so there was no need to take it in!


And so… I got to work. The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves and collar. The bodice was actually too long so I had to completely redo the shoulders and neckline. I used bias tape both to finish off the sleeves and also around the neckline. Bias tape is the easiest way I have found to finish off an armhole after removing a sleeve and creates a nice finish. I think the black around the neckline really makes the colors pop! Next I took about 6 inches off the bottom and hemmed. Then I replaced the buttons with some pretty little black vintage buttons from my stash and voila! A cute Summer dress that is now going to be one of my favorites.






I absolutely love this dress! The colors are amazing and the skirt helps to add fullness to my hips which I just don’t have!

Right now I am working on refashioning a vintage bed sheet into a dress that I am actually using a pattern for. The material is so soft and airy that I cannot wait to finish it! Vintage sheets are an awesome, inexpensive way to get a bunch of cute, comfortable material and I love using them in my projects.

Next month I will have a booth at the Urban Flea Market on July 13th. If you are in the Salt Lake area you should stop by and say hi! It is an awesome event if you love unique vintage items. I will be refashioning a bunch of vintage blouses into summery tank tops to sell that day. Flea markets are the best!

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