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Maternity Dress: REHASHED

When I saw this dress in a thrift store, I immediately loved the soft cotton fabric and the print. Believe it or not, I even loved that collar. And the front yoke, so cute!


However, when I looked at the tag and saw that it was actually a maternity dress, I left it on the rack and kept hunting. But the dress kept calling out to me, “Wait! Just because I am a maternity dress doesn’t mean I can’t be cute! I don’t even really look like a maternity dress! Come back!!” So I decided to get the dress, who cares if it’s a maternity dress!

Since I knew I was leaving the collar as it was, all I did to this dress was to take off about 8 inches and hem, and remove the sleeves and finish them off. That is all. And now, I absolutely LOOOOVE what I am left with! This dress is special. I love it!



I love that I can make just simple changes and turn a garment into something completely different. Even though that collar is still there, it looks like a completely different dress.


I’ve been really busy this week trying to get things listed in my Etsy shop. I woke up this morning and it was chilly outside, that inspired me to shoot some sweaters and get those listed. I’m so excited for sweater weather! Jackets…tights…leggings…aaaahhhh!

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Polyester Nightmare: REHASHED

This dress was just screaming to be refashioned when I found it at an estate sale! The top was a thick, itchy polyester and the fact that it had a high collar and long sleeves made it totally unwearable! What I did like about it was the skirt, the psychedelic print and those colors were to die for! Also it was a light knit material, not polyester.


My first thought was to just make it a maxi skirt by adding elastic to the top. But…I have been seeing the caftan style dress everywhere lately and have been wanting to try it on something. So I decided to be a little more creative this time! There wasn’t enough material to make it a long caftan, but that’s ok.

The first thing I did was to remove the bodice from the skirt and take out the zipper. Then I stitched it up the back where the zipper had been. Next I held it up to decide how long I wanted it and cut the extra fabric off the top. Then I stitched the top closed all the way across. Next I created a neck hole in the top. Then I unpicked the side seams to make holes from the top to just below the armpit. Then I hemmed up all the raw edges and… there you go!


The dress actually came with the waist tie which came in handy for cinching the waist, and I didn’t have to make it myself!


This one was lots of fun to make, I love it so much I think I actually might keep it! Maybe I’ll sell it next year…

This dress was so easy I had lots of time left for thrifting! Yay!!

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Wide Leg Pants: REHASHED

These pants are great! Yeah right, maybe for Halloween…or the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! I loved the high waist, the little green polka dots and the set in creases in the front, but the thick polyester was waaay too much. So I got to work, doin’ what I do!


(Ugh, I really need to work on my posture!) This one was way too simple, I simply cut them off into shorts and hemmed them up nice. Now they are a cute pair of high waisted shorts that will surely be a favorite of mine. I wore these to the flea market on Sunday, I did get a little sweaty in the thick polyester but not too bad. Some girl even tried to buy them right off my booty! Ha!

Working for myself has been so fun! Sometimes it’s hard to balance home and work, my kids are definitely taking advantage of having me home! The flea markets are keeping me busy, I just found out yesterday that I have been accepted as a vendor at the Vintage Whites Market that will take place March 13-14, 2015! This is a huge market, I’m so excited! This Sunday I’ll be at the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s Market, this week I’m working on some new rehashed pieces to bring with me.

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So… I usually don’t refashion 90’s stuff but this dress was just too cute to pass up! Since I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, I still have a hard time considering anything from those eras “vintage”, it just makes me feel old! This dress was screaming at me though, “Make me pretty!”

I loved the lace collar, the nice black material and the tiny white polka dots. By now you have figured out that I have a thing for tiny polka dots. The only thing I did to this dress was to remove those fluttery sleeves, and take about 12 inches off the bottom. It was an easy fix, and now this dress is so much more wearable.


It’s a good thing this one is too big for me, otherwise I’d be keeping it for sure! I’ll be taking this with me to the flea market on Sunday, if you are in Utah you should come see me at the Urban Flea from 9-2. There are tons of vintage vendors there, it really is an awesome market!

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Red Polka Dot Dress: REHASHED

I made a new friend! Her name is Mary, she is a professional organizer who brings me mounds of vintage clothes to go through. She brought be a few bags the other day and when I saw this little number I knew I could save it!

2014-08-05 09.52.00

I loved the fabric, it was a light cottony red fabric with little black polka dots. I also loved the fact that it had pockets, and the elastic waist with that cute little bow made this dress on it’s way to being fabulous. The first thing I did was to cut away that mandarin collar and create a new, scooped neckline. Then I made the sleeves shorter and gave it a shorter hemline. I had planned to create a cuffed sleeve for this one, but it was giving me trouble and after I hemmed the sleeves I really liked them just the way they were!

2014-08-06 11.30.34

I really love how this dress turned out! I hope Mary will continue to bring me more awesome pieces to rehash. She is a sweet lady! I will be taking this one with me to the Urban Flea Market this Sunday, I’ll be there from 9-3. There were a few other items she brought me that I will be working on, and some others that I will bring with me to the flea market. So…

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Floral Dress: REHASHED

This 1970’s floral polyester dress was just begging for a makeover! I loved that floral print, the pockets and the sweet little green buttons, but the rest had to go!

2014-07-29 17.35.59

The first thing I did was to make one big chop right below the armpits. Then I cut the whole thing up the middle and took off about 7 inches on each side, then sewed them back together. Next, I added an elastic casing at the top. Then I made some straps out of the top scrap and attached them at the top. Then I added a strip of vintage lace that had a pink ribbon from my stash, put the original buttons back on, and there you go!


Now I have this sweet little sundress, perfect for Summer! I was even able to keep the pockets, which I love. I kept the original sash as well. I’ll be taking this one with me to the Wheeler Farm Farmers Market this Sunday, which I just found out yesterday that I have been accepted as a vendor! This is a huge market and it is every Sunday so I’m pretty excited. I’ve got a couple of projects I’m trying to wrap up before Sunday so…

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