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A Couple of Disaster Dresses: REHASHED

When I found this dress for a ridiculous price at a thrift store recently, I immediately loved the peach color and the print. It has a really cute print with a pretty blue and red, I immediately saw it in my head with my brown suede boots! There was plenty of material to work with, so I snagged it up and got to work!


What I did to this one was simple. I shortened the sleeves but kept them kind of long and fluttery. Then I took the length up, way up, and then made a sash out of the leftover fabric. I kept it large, so that it would fit a wide range of sizes. I know it’s short, but it would also look cute as a tunic over jeans, don’t you think?


The next dress was pretty simple as well. I loved the color and the fabric, it is that kind of “fuzzy” polyester, perfect for those colder months. I hated the sleeves though, and the length, and that weird elastic thing at the waist. This dress even has pockets, score!!


First I chopped off those sleeves and made them shorter. Then I did the same with the length, as I like so say, “shorter is sweeter!”. Being a short person, it always makes me feel taller to show some leg 🙂 Then I picked out that elastic that was at the waistline, it wasn’t necessary and I knew it would look much better without it! The last thing I did was to add this cute crocheted lace collar that I had in my stash, I knew it would be the perfect finish to this feminine dress! And there you go!




I love how both of these dresses turned out! I’ve been really busy getting ready for some big markets I have coming up. The first one is 3 Dotters Vintage Market in Pleasant Grove, at the old rec center.


I have been saving all of my rehashed creations to bring with me to this market, so come and say hi! I have lots more, I’ll add them here later.

Back to the machine…