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Ultra Hideous Ultrasuede: REHASHED

Hi everyone! I just thought I would talk about some of the refashions I have done lately. These 2 dresses are from the same estate as the pink one from 2 posts back, the one with the cute little lace collar. This woman sure did have a thing for ultrasuede!! I don’t blame her, either! I love the stuff. It’s warm and fuzzy, just like I was inside after I refashioned these 2!

The first one is a lovely rust colored one. I loved the fit and the sleeves, it was just sort of boring and I hated the length. So… I took it up several inches and added a cute lace trim down both sides of the button panel, all the way down. That is all this dress needed and I absolutely love how it turned out! It did turn out a little shorter than I meant it to be, but I still like it.


The next one needed a bit more help. While it basically fit me, the sleeves were way too long and the length was just as awkward as it’s sister dresses. What I did to this one first was to take several inches off the length. Then I took the sleeve length up also, giving it sort of a bell sleeve. Then I made a really long sash out of the scrap at the bottom, to tie around my waist for some definition. That part might look like the easiest part, but let me tell you it wasn’t!! It took forever. But it was worth it because I am crazy about this dress now!


There is just one more dress in this family of ultrasuede goodness, it is a medium blue one with great buttons! Although I’m not sure I will keep those buttons. Actually, I’m not sure at all what I’m going to do with that one!!

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Crazy Choir Girl Dress: REHASHED

Hi everyone! Sorry it took me so long to post this one… When I found this dress in a thrift store, I immediately fell in love with that collar and the flowy black fabric. However, one collar was enough and since there were 2, one of them had to go!

First I took the bottom layer of collar off with my pinking shears. Then I took the dress in at the sides and took up the length and now I have a completely different dress!


Actually I don’t have it though…this one sold quick! I will post another recent refashion later this week so stay tuned!

I have been hoarding vintage coats to bring with me to the Fleattitude Vintage Market happening on November 15, it is a HUGE vintage market down at the Utah State Fair Park. I’m so excited!!! Now that market season is over, I really only have this market and one other coming up in December. I’m both sad and glad, markets are a lot of work and I have been so busy all Summer, never having a Sunday off. This weekend we are taking a much needed trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. If you are local and have never been, I would definitely recommend it for a quick and relaxing getaway. I’ll talk more about Lava Hot Springs and post pics next week.

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