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Blue Gingham Dress: REHASHED

There were alot of things I liked about this dress when I found it… the blue gingham print, the cute little collar and pocket…it even has side pockets which I love on a dress! But sadly it was completely unwearable! A few small changes and I was able to turn it into something great! The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves. Then I took quite a bit of length off the bottom, a little too much I think but that’s ok… it’s a great little Summer dress! Then I used the scrap from the bottom to make a waist tie which helps to give it some shape and allows it to fit a wide range of sizes. And that’s all!


If you are in the Salt Lake area and have a vintage piece that you would like to see refashioned, please bring it into the shop and let’s see what can be done! Maybe you have a sentimental piece that you would love to wear, but it just isn’t wearable… chances are I can save it and turn it into something you will love! Bring it in and I’ll give you a quote.

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