Registration is Live!

We have been working hard on getting our space ready and while we still have a few things to do, we are ready to start signing you up! Our first class which I have been calling the “guinea pig” class will be a Sunday Brunch Refashion Sewing Workshop that will be held on August 28th! This will be either a 3 or 4 person class, you can sign up by clicking here or by going to the “Girls Night Out Refashion Sewing Workshops” tab above and clicking on the link there. Brunch classes will go from 11-3, we can’t wait! Don’t forget, anyone who hosts a class will enjoy a $30 boutique credit!20160819_11043320160819_11051920160819_11054220160819_110711

2 thoughts on “Registration is Live!

  1. I have the day off (I am a teacher)and stumbled upon your lovely blog. I had to find out where you lived so I could visit. I know I missed the workshop but was so curious. Unfortunately I live in Seattle(actually a small beach town across Puget Sound) so it is a bit far to just drive over. 🙂
    I have been “refashioning” for a very long time( 40 years? yikes) I started in my early teens. I made a strapless dress from a neighbors pair of pants that she gave me. (she was a bigger gal)
    My parents bought a nice house, in a nice area, for a great price. Most of my friends had money but we didn’t. So if you can’t join them you must do something else. I started making my own clothes, thrifting, and wearing vintage. Also altering vintage. Now at 55yrs I still love wearing vintage clothing. I have so many beautiful dresses from the 40’s that fit me like they were made for me. (My hubby also loves wearing fun clothes.)
    I would love to start a “refashion” day/night. Unfortunately most of my friends here are not creative(at all hahha)
    Your shop looks so inviting. You have done a beautiful job.

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