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Polka Dot Dress: REHASHED

When I dug this dress out of a pile at an estate sale, I knew it had loads of potential! Even though it was frumpy and stained, I knew it would be something special. I loved the tie at the neck, even though I wasn’t crazy about the collar and the tie together. Alone either would have been fine, but for me it was just too much going on there. I don’t really like short sleeves too much either, but I loved that red polka dot print! Another great thing about the dress was that it zipped up the front and also already had a waist tie, so cool! As you can see the hem had also come undone. So…it had alot going for it but there was work to be done!


The first thing I did was to take out the collar, most of the staining on the dress was here so that took care of that issue. Then I created a new v neckline which came just to the top of the front zipper. Then I took it in on the sides and removed and finished off the sleeves. I kept the tie at the neck, I absolutely love it so of course it got to stay. Finally I took about 4 inches off the bottom, gave it a good press, and there you have it!



A new summer dress, just in time! There are still a couple of stain spots but I don’t think they take anything away from this vintage dress that will now be loved again for years to come.


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The Green Dress: REHASHED


When I found this dress in a thrift store about a month ago, I knew I would keep it a maxi. I love maxi dresses! I knew the minty green color and light polyester would be amazing for Spring. But when I tried this dress on for the rehash inspiration, I was in love with it, just how it was! Call me crazy but I loved the turtleneck and long sleeves…


As you can see, it also has an awesome empire waist and it’s darted at the bust, it even fit me perfectly just about all over. I was so torn! Should I keep it and save it for Fall, or should I turn it into that lovely Spring maxi I had been dreaming about? The decision was ultimately made by the color of the dress, which is just SO Spring and so NOT Fall. Once the decision was made, I immediately removed the turtleneck. My original plan was to create a v neck, but once I saw it with the turtleneck gone, I liked the original neckline and decided to keep it, which made things much easier. I just removed the sleeves and finished them off, then added these cute little vintage buttons that I had in my stash, and there you go! All ready for sunshine!




So, I’m still working on that blue dress that I showed you in my last post… I just got distracted by this one and I actually have some other ideas that might come first, but I will get to it I promise!

Do you ever find that item that you plan on refashioning but then when you try it on you love it and feel like you have a decision to make? I would love to hear about it!

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Golden Goddess Dress: REHASHED

When I found this dress at a thrift store, I fell in love with that beautiful crochet! It’s so intricate and almost sheer with gold threads running through it. I also loved the band at the waist with it’s gold and neutral colored stripes. I however did not love the dress below the waist. I didn’t like the color for this dress and thought it would look much better if it were black. I also didn’t like the neckline, or the fact that it was long sleeve and waaay too long. It would have been just too hot to wear even in the winter I think! It was just screaming to become something sexier….So, here’s the dress before…(nevermind the black bra and the Sunday hair)


The skirt I used for the bottom was just a black polyester skirt that I never wore because it had a side slit and I didn’t really like it.


I cut the elastic top off of the skirt and then attached it to the bodice, I put the side slit in the front because I think it looks cool, kind of pantsuit-ish. This one was difficult mostly because of the zipper in the back. I wanted to keep it attached at the top while I changed out the bottom.


The other issue was the crocheted fabric, it was just a little hard to work with and ended up stretching out a little. What I did was to create a new neckline and remove the sleeves, then I created a binding out of the fabric from the sleeves and put it around the sleeves and new neckline. Then I did sort of a bunchy thing (not sure what this is called) at the center of the v neck, this was to compensate for some of the stretching and wasn’t really part of the original plan… but, I love how it turned out!



So very much better. Anyhoo, I have decided to give you a little sneeky peek at the dress I am working on this week. I’m not sure why I keep choosing blue dresses lately but… this one is going to be so cute when I am done with it so please come back to see what I have done to rescue it!


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New Items Added to Etsy Shop

Hi people! I have been pretty busy trying to get stuff ready and listing on Etsy this past few days. I have listed some really cute stuff though, a few rehashed vintage dresses and some cute vintage swimsuits and dresses! Go check them out, there is a link under the Etsy shop tab on the main page. I’m finishing up another dress tonight or tomorrow and will be ready to show it soon. Here is a sneeky peek…





Sweet Blue Scooter Dress: REHASHED


Yikes! This picture is really scary, sorry. When I saw this 1960’s dress on the rack at Thrift Town, I immediately fell in love with that pretty sky blue color. I loved the pockets and the buttons also, but that collar! Ugh, that’s got to go! And the awkward length wasn’t doing anything for the dress or my body! I look like I shrunk a few inches. But… I knew it could be saved and would be well worth the effort.



The first thing I did to this dress was to take off the sleeves which I did before the picture was taken. Next up was to remove that mandarin collar and create a new neckline. Then I gave it a better fit by taking it in from the seam in the back, as this was much easier than trying to take it apart from both sides. Then I took about 6 inches off the bottom and there you go!



I am in love with this dress. It’s so easy to dress up for work or wear casually with boots or even tennies!

Right now I am working on getting some Spring and Summer items ready to put in the Etsy shop… I have lots of cute swimsuits and dresses so please be sure to check out the shop, LoveStreetSalvage.

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I Love The Blues Dress: REHASHED



So… Unfortunately I don’t have a before pic of this dress. I had already ripped off the humongous nasty sleeves and that was the biggest issue with this dress! What I loved about this 1970’s dress when I bought it at an estate sale was the pretty blue color, the floral pattern, the cute buttons, that funky wide collar and the belt loop detail in the front. Since it already fit me nicely in the waist, I just finished off the sleeves with some bias tape. Then I took about 6 inches off the bottom and voila! I love this dress so much. The comfortable cotton will be great for Summer, even though I prefer it with the cardigan. I’m sure you will all get sick of me and my black cardigans, ha! I will have to part with this one though, I just think it would be better suited for a longer torso and rather than messing with that I will put it in the Etsy shop. It will fit someone else perfectly I’m sure! I will post a link later.

I’m going to be working on some more awesome rehashed dresses this week so please come back and visit me again soon.

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Poppyseed Muffin Dress: REHASHED


When I found this 1970’s dress in a thrift store several months ago, (no, I am not levitating) I knew it could be something great! I loved the empire style, the little black polka dots, and I loooved that it was a maxi. But those sleeves… ugh!!! Maybe if I flapped my arms fast I could take off? My girls have been calling it the “poppyseed muffin” dress since they have seen the rehashing begin, I guess it’s the creamy color and the tiny dots, very clever those two are. So the sleeves were the first thing to go, I’ve saved them because those cute ruffles will definitely be back for another rehash! Then I took it in just a little at the side to just below the waist area, leaving the bottom of the dress alone for now. Even though the dress ties in the back and I planned on keeping that, I still wanted it to be more fitted as it zips up the back. I played around a bit with putting on a collar or adding lace to the panel at the empire waist, but decided I liked it best when it was simple. The next thing I did was to raise the hem a little. Then finish off the sleeves… done!


I’m mostly happy with how the dress turned out, but I kind of have other ideas for it so another rehash may be in the works. You will start to notice that when I refashion something, I like to keep the changes minimal but effective to try and stay true to the vintage style of the piece and not modernize too much. My style is very simple, I have never been very good at accessorizing but I think it all comes together. My style is mine, after all. I am fascinated by people and their individual styles!

So… I’m probably going to stick mostly to refashioning dresses right at the moment, since Summer is almost here and that is mostly what I’ll be wearing. Some of the things coming up I unfortunately won’t have before pics. I just have a huge rack of things that have been started, by started I usually mean the sleeves have been ripped off. I like to take the sleeves off most things, I think it makes the garment more versatile because it can be worn in Spring and Summer months and then with a cardigan and boots in the Fall/Winter. I would say I wear dresses and skirts 80% of the time. They are just so comfortable, and, they make me feel like a lady 🙂 Anyway I also have lots of things I have refashioned in the past that I would love to show you!

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