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Blue Polka Dot Dress: REHASHED

When I found this 1980’s handmade dress in a pile at an estate sale, I knew I had found something special. Even though the length was awkward and it fit all wrong, I loved the navy blue and those cute little tiny polka dots! This wouldn’t be a hard fix, so I got to work!


The first thing I did was to remove the sleeves. I usually can’t resist taking off the sleeves in most of my refashions, it just makes the piece so versatile! Then I took off about 7 inches off the bottom and hemmed it up another inch. I used the scrap to create a sash, which was the perfect solution to the fit. This is how it turned out.


If I were planning to keep it, I probably would have taken it in at the bust a little. However, doing so would have made it that much harder to let go! Keeping the dress large and adding the sash makes it able to fit a wider variety of sizes. I love how it turned out! This lady was a great seamstress, and when she liked a pattern she made the dress in several different colors. I actually have this same dress in red, which I will probably turn into a skirt.

Here is a peek at the next dress I am working on…


While it is cute just the way it is and would look much better if I just took it shorter, I am going to challenge myself with this one by turning it into a cute little sundress! I’m trying to keep the pockets, we’ll see how that goes.

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Shorter is Sweeter: REHASHED

I love how such a simple fix can make such a huge difference. This 1980’s skirt and dress were something I would have never worn before, simply because of the awkward length. By simply taking the length up a bit, I now have 2 cute new Summer outfits!


I added a sash to this one made from the scrap, creating definition at the waist. I think I prefer it without!


These are both so light and airy, perfect for Summer! I’m thinking of taking a trip up to Boise soon for what I’ve heard could be some epic thrift shopping. If the bargains are there, then so am I! Maybe we will make a day of it, or 2 days…

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Striped Sundress: REHASHED

Sometimes it is the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. That was exactly the case with this cute 1970’s sundress.


I actually had it for sale in the Etsy shop for awhile (with no bites) and I kept thinking I should really take off that bottom ruffle. The length was just awkward. I knew the right buyer would someday come along and appreciate that ruffle, but for me, I knew I wouldn’t wear it the way it was and I was itching to get rid of it! So I got to work and…


So much better now! The whole thing only took about an hour and now, like many pieces, this will be hard to let go. I’m taking it with me to the flea market tomorrow though and hopefully the refashion will be just what this dress needed to sell.

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Rehashed Blouses, Quitting My Job, and A Kick Ass Flea Market!

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here. So… I recently made the decision, along with my sweet and so supportive husband, to quit my job and do what makes me happy, selling and refashioning vintage clothing! I once heard a saying that went something like this… “Think of what it is that you love doing so much that when you are doing it, the hours are flying by. Figure out a way to make that your career, and you will be happy for the rest of your life!” That was years ago, and has always stuck with me, always a voice in the back of my head and I knew exactly what that thing was as soon as I heard it. Everything has come together as it always does, and now seemed like the perfect time to quit that soul-sucking office job and go for it! After all we only get one life to live, why shouldn’t I be working as hard for myself as I have for someone else all these years, and spend my time doing what makes my heart absolutely sing!!

So here is what I’ve been working on lately… I wanted refashion some of the long sleeve vintage blouses I have into flowy tank tops. I wanted to have a few of them ready to take with me to the Urban Flea Market in downtown Salt Lake yesterday. So I started with just a basic long sleeve, collared shirt like this…


I removed the collar and sleeves and created a new neckline, finishing this one off with black bias tape, and voila!


And this one, same thing…


Take off the sleeves, make a new neckline, now I have this!


This one was actually the first one I made, unfortunately I started it on a creative whim and didn’t take a before picture, but by now you get the idea. Remove collar, remove sleeves, blah blah blah… for this one I actually made the front the back, so there are buttons that go down the back.


These are the only “after” pictures I have as I have been so busy getting ready for the flea market that I forgot. Luckily I took pictures at the market before I sold them, because I ended up selling 2 out of 3! Awesome but waaaahhh!! I didn’t even get to wear them first before they were sold. Oh well. The flea market was an amazing success, I even had multiple offers from people with storefronts who are interested in selling my clothes in their shops! I got to meet lots of other people who share my passion for vintage clothing and it was all around a very hot but amazing day. Here are some more pictures of my booth at the flea market.







I was on such a high after leaving the market, ready to go out and do another one right then! But seriously, it was very reaffirming of my decision to quit the office job and do what I do. I loved every minute of it and now I have time to refashion more pieces during the week to sell at the next flea market! This coming Saturday the 19th, I’ll be at a new flea market called the Summer Flea at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park in South Jordan. This will go on every Saturday throughout October. They have the option to do a car boot (how very European!) or just rent a pitch, I’ll be just renting a pitch after checking it out and learning that they actually let you pull your car right up to your space to unload. So I’m planning on being there every Saturday, depending on how well this first one does. Anyhoo, I better get back to work, or play, it’s all one in the same now! Yay!!!

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